The purpose of this analysis is to provide a data driven perspective on the impact of the IFPA’s recent announcement to charge $1.00/per player for every tournament submission. My approach was to examine the 2016 calendar year as a proxy for determining the impact in future years. The data for this analysis was obtained directly from the IFPA via their API. Analysis code and data files are available at my github repository. Readers are encouraged to report errors by contacting me directly or by submitting a pull request in github.

How much money will this generate?

One of the stated purposes of the IFPA endorsement fee is to generate large prize pots for state and national championships. To this end, I began my analysis by determining how much money would have been generated in 2016. There was a total of 2,530 events in 2016. Based on the number of players attending these events, a total of $62,640 in prize money would have been generated. Twenty five percent of this amount would be have used for the national championship pot, which would have totaled $15,660.

Next, I estimated what the prize pots would have been for each state in 2016. The results are shown on the map below.